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We have hundreds of Pure Single garden Gourmet Teas from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Our expert panel taste and evaluate over 1,500 teas each week for the world's largest tea auction in Colombo. Using this knowledge and experience, we pick the best Gourmet Tea for you. Uniquely, our tea tasters index our Gourmet teas based on flavour and strength, as a web guide to Pure single garden Gourmet Teas.

We encourage you to explore our site and experience the sheer joy of discovering a Gourmet tea for yourself. Be adventurous, because we have the most extensive range of Ceylon Black, Green, White and Organic Gourmet teas you will ever find in one site.

Our Gourmet Teas are delivered to your doorstep within days of Harvest straight form the garden. So taste the difference of a Fresh Gourmet Tea today


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